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Divilopers - About Us - SeminarDivilopers - About Us - Zul - Firdaus Azizi

Code is poetry

Founded in 2014 as a side project, we slowly gained the attention & trust before growing into a full-service digital & marketing agency. To summarize, read a made-up interview with Faz below.

REPORTER: Let’s start by briefly sharing your core business model.

FAZ: Well, in short, we offer consultation and expertise related to digital assets development and digital marketing campaign strategy for SMEs.

REPORTER: I see. Do you have a specific target market?

FAZ:  Yeah, it’s only natural for us to focus on SMEs in Perlis, Kedah and Penang (but we also have clients from KL, Selangor, Perak, Johor etc)

REPORTER: Okay. How’s the ride so far?

FAZ: Bumpy! We managed to win a deal with the state agency, lost a tender due to heavy markup by our rep, have few clients that are making million ringgit in sales in our portfolio, involves in few projects that we have sworn to secrecy & lucky enough to made a pact with few friends.

REPORTER: Cool. To wrap up, what’s your 2020 takes?

FAZ: We envisioned to empower more SMEs in Malaysia as well as in the e-commerce industry. We think that’s an exciting area to be.

REPORTER: Nice. Wish you all the best. Thank you Faz.

FAZ: Fingers-crossed 😚

Meet our "unreal" dream team

Make a guess who’s the real one ;-p
Potentially our brand ambassador. Muscular, tall, dark and handsome.
Remy Ishak


Ex-engineer who wish to fix the world but ended up fixing websites
Divilopers - About Us - Zul


What if she did not take fashion course but studied programming instead?
Divilopers - About Us - Faz (300x400)


Hates bad design. Thinking of retiring but definitely can't retire from thinking
Divilopers - About Us - Hazwan Looking Awat


Like our so-called "team" so far? Well we try not to be boring 😚

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